Tiny Houses Raglan Gift CertificateIn a gift guide article, a writer for the Huffington Post wrote; “An unplugged weekend in a modern eco-cabin is the coolest gift you could give someone” and we agree!

Our gift vouchers make perfect birthday, anniversary or wedding gifts. It’s a unique gift your friends or family will absolutely love. A gift they will enjoy looking forward to, love while they’re here and then have fond memories of for years to come. It’s especially perfect for those who would appreciate a chance to unplug and reconnect.

We also love the chance to stay in our little tiny house accommodations on the rare occasions they’re free, so that we get to enjoy some special time with each other so we can totally recommend them.

Purchase a gift voucher for a minimum of $350. That’s two nights at our minimum nightly rate for either the LoveBus or the Treehouse. Your gift recipient will be able to choose which tiny house they want to stay in and the dates that suit them. If the nights are more expensive than $175 per night, we can sort out a payment for the balance with the guest.

The vouchers are valid for one year from the issue date. We will post you the full colour, double sided voucher, printed on premium matt stock, that you can gift to your special person.

Here’s some more articles on the benefit of staying in remote cabins and unplugging:

Staying in remote cabins in Sweden can decrease stress by 70 percent report  – We think staying in remote cabins in Raglan is just as beneficial 🙂

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Contact us to purchase a gift voucher as a unique and special present.